Carnival 2018


HOME Carnival day 2018 was on Saturday 4th August, and the weather once again smiled on us.  The village was again quieter than usual, but there were still plenty of people around, enjoying themselves in the warm sunshine.  The procession this year was excellent, with some inspired floats and excellent ideas..  This year we had been unable to secure a second band, so the Billerettes had to dance to canned music - but it went well and they entertained us well up to the usual standard. We were again led by the excellent Castleton Silver Band, and many thanks as ever to them and to everyone who helped, took part, supported the local stalls or simply came to have fun..

Some people had again not seen or had ignored the numerous signs around the field prohibiting dogs, but all those who were asked to remove their pets did so without argument, so we thank them for that.  It perhaps should be emphasised that we don't like excluding dogs, but the field is officially a children's playground and so the law prohibits dogs for health reasons.

As ever, special thanks to all those who helped Council put up and take down the marquees.  We couldn't do this without you.

A selection of photos from the day are on the clickable thumbnails below.


Photos From Carnival 2018
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